Pro Shader Editing

Shade transforms your device into a professional shader editor. Build stunning, complex shader graphs that render in real time

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Powerful Editor

Create nodes, then drag and connect. Intuitively visualize exactly how your shader works and see it rendered in real-time

With over 100 nodes, built-in documentation, and support for Unity 3D, Shade is a powerful visual effects tool for your iPhone or iPad

Smart Connections

Shade encourages you to connect anything to anything. It’s smart enough to figure out what you want

Advanced Rendering

With a full, physically-based renderer you can preview your shaders in stunning form

Turn on the bloom, use instancing to build up volumetric surfaces, render emissive glows, or raymarch into signed distance fields

Considered Design

The UI in Shade is designed to be accessible, thoughtful and powerful

Enter mathematical expressions into any field. Tap space on your keyboard to quickly insert a node, or just drag and drop an image from another app

Export your Creation

Shade supports exporting to Unity and its shaders are natively supported in Codea, our Lua-based game development and visual simulation tool

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Just Fun.

Because it's on your iPad you can edit shaders right on your face, view them in AR, or maybe drop in a mic and sing to them